To be honest I'm a huge fan of keeping shit on the low, placing things out of sight, and making things a bit difficult to obtain. This tends to be my approach with most of my projects. While I was working on the design and layout of the store, someone asked me if I'll be placing any type of sign on the front of the store; my response was "I dont want any signs, I want to place a wall hiding the inside of the store from the public. I don’t want people to know what’s inside of it - maybe a small logo on the side that can only be seen if you're walking towards the store in a certain direction, but that’s about it.” I remember telling him that my approach might not be the best for approach for business, but I don’t want this to be for everyone. I want this to be for a small, select group of people who are curious enough to walk into a store front and ask "What is this?”

I feel like social media and the internet have made people become really lazy and dependent.

When I started writing this my goal was to talk about the store and all that other shit related to it. But I feel like social media and the internet have made people become really lazy and dependent. Some people really just want information and stuff instantly, and as soon as they get whatever they're looking for they move on to the next shit. Ironically, like a instagram timeline feed. Hopping from one post to another and to be honest that’s the last person I will ever be trying to reach. That being said, there wont be photos of the inside of the store. I'm not here to give you all the information on whats going on inside of the store. What I will say is that the current display is temporary and will only last till the end of December or whenever the fuck I get bored of it and feel like redesigning the store again.

In conclusion, the point I’m trying to get across is GET THE FUCK OFF YOUR PHONE! Go outside, discover new things, meet new people, make new friends, visit the real world and lets have a real conversation - offline.