Mota Cordura® explorer Bag

Mota X Cordura® expolror Bag

Mota X Cordura®
explorer Bag

This is our new Mota x Cordura® explorer bag. You can see a small compass, metal hardware, nylon straps and many more small details, but there's something else just as important in this bag that's not as visible.

The Made In America Label.

For a company to manufacture a product in America and not show a "Made in America" or a American Flag label right in front of the consumers face would be considered insane or a missed key sales opportunity. Like the majority of our product we don't really like placing the American flag on our products or in a noticeable location. To be honest we don't care if anyone sees the Made in America label or not. Our goal is just to have everyone know if they see a "Mota" label, that that product (like all other Mota New York products) it's Made In America..

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