People normally complain that we are not consistent with the brand, or that our releases are too sparse, or that we go on a hiatus for way too long… honestly, we agree with them in a way. But allow us to clarify - we are here for one reason, and one reason only To make the best products possible! We never got into this to play a game of relevancy or race to win a social media popularity contest. Our main focus was and forever will be our products.

There was no youtube, or
“how to start a brand” article on google.

On that note, to be honest, I’ve been more than frustrated with the entire apparel and/or “streetwear” industry. When we first got into this shit, you needed to be obsessed with it to get it to get into it. There was no youtube, or “how to start a brand” article on google. You legitimately had to be obsessed, and actually look deep for basic screen printing information, unlike today. Now, anyone can start up a brand in just a few clicks, which is great for them and anyone else that wants to start something. But this market has been over flooded.

Theres too much noise out there full of brands and logos everywhere and on everything. The market has switched over from product driven, to logo driven. Which I just find to be disgusting and most of the time, I want nothing to do with it. More brands put their logo first, and just let that carry the sale of the product - but they don’t CARE about what they put their logo on as long as it sells. For example, too many brands choose to print on cheap, thin, imported hoodies that will fade and fall apart after a few washes. Which in the long run will most likely just end up in a landfill and be an overall waste of material.

Separating ourself from the rest of the noise has been one of our main focuses.

With all the noise going on, we’ve just been discouraged to take any part in it. For the majority of the time we’ve always been here just watching the market, not socially interacting though. For the past couple of months, we’ve just been releasing stuff on the low (offline) and selling them directly to friends and family and at our retailers accounts, and actually not even bothering selling it online.

Separating ourself from the rest of the noise has been one of our main focuses. Each release, our goal has been to increase the size of the gap between our brand and any other related brands out there. (as far as quality goes) We’ve been creating and developing new products on the low for about a year now. Not only working with better American based suppliers and manufacturers but also investing and acquiring equpiments and growing our own in house development and manufacturing team here in Brooklyn.”

Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen many brands come and go, for multiple reasons. But we are still here for one reason, which is still… To make the best products possible! To this day, it's still been the only drive that keeps us going. This obsession of building and using the best materials and goods to create something that will have a longer lifespan, and serves a better functional purpose, keeps us going. We don’t care about anything else. Fuck all the noise, brands, Instagram, influencers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, logos, and everything else this clusterfuck that streetwear has now become.

We make better products, here in America. Mota New York, Fuck everything else.

@MotaNewYork | Terms | F.A.Q

@MotaNewYork | Terms | F.A.Q

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